Coffee & Tea


In this ever-changing beverage industry, the only constant is the consumers' neverending love for your coffee and tea.


Coffee & Tea are aromatic drinks that not only give your taste buds pleasure, but also form an important part of your daily routine.

Lynnpak will help you maintain that special connection with consumers by providing the best packaging options that protect your products and preserve aromatic flavours and delicate fragrances.


Oftentimes, we offer coffee & tea to our guests as a sign of hospitality. These beverages come in versatile flavours, are rich in history and have deep connections with various cultures. Whether it’s whole bean coffee, ground coffee, loose leaf or tea bags — Lynnpak’s coffee and tea packaging solutions are optimized towards protection against oxygen, moisture and light allowing for maximum preservation of freshness and aroma.

In this competitive market, it is important for your packaging to stand out. Lynnpak prints to impress, from simple to sophisticated graphics. We have both Rotogravure and Flexo CI printing presses to meet your complex graphic requirements. To maintain the highest possible quality, we utilize a Real-time Print Monitoring system, On Press 100% Web Defect Inspection system and X-Rite Colour Management system.

We are committed to meeting your standards and industry requirements. Lynnpak is HACCP compliant, and we follow FDA and CFIA regulations to provide safe packaging for your products.


Packaging Solutions

  • Stand-up pouch
  • Block bottom bag
  • Side gusset bag
  • Vacuum-sealed bag
  • 3-side sealed bag
  • Quad sealed bag
  • Fin sealed bag
  • Lap sealed bag
  • Kraft (several options available)
  • Rollstock

Enhancement Options


  • Engineered film structure
  • Microperfing
  • EZ peel
  • Tear notch
  • K-seal bottom
  • Pinch bottom
  • 1-way degassing valve
  • Foil / Metalized film


  • Matte and Gloss finish
  • Window
  • Round corner
  • Hanger hole (round, sombrero and other custom designs)


  • Resealable zipper
  • Tin-tie